​Compressed air tube collection device



The function of the collecting device is that when the corresponding area needs to be purged, only the trachea unwinding needs to be pulled. When the winding device rotates, the end of the connecting end between the trachea and the transfer tube is synchronously rotated, and no distortion or knotting occurs. When the trachea needs to be collected, the rotation of the winding device can be driven to evenly wrap the trachea on the winding device, thereby realizing convenient collection and neat regulation of the purging device.


The high pressure tracheal collecting device comprises a rigid transfer tube, a rotary joint mechanism, a winding device and a handle.

1. A winding device comprising a relatively spaced apart rotating baffle and a take-up reel attached between the two rotating baffles.

2. The take-up reel comprises two or more crossbars, the crossbars being arranged around the axis of rotation of the winding device and fixed to the corresponding rotating baffles by their two ends respectively.

3. The rotary joint mechanism comprises a gas pipe joint which is rotatably mounted on the transfer pipe, and the gas pipe joint is rotatably assembled by the bearing at the outlet end of the transfer pipe. The rotary joint mechanism is located between the two rotary baffles.