​Compressed air tube FAQ


1. According to the needs of use, tapping at random, walking around, no division of main road, branch road, secondary pipeline, etc., is not conducive to the unified management and planning of pipelines, which is not conducive to the rational distribution and flow of gas medium, which is not conducive to the system. Effective supplement and balance of stress.

2, the pipeline is criss-crossed, crooked and twisted, even if the pipelines with similar usage and dosage, the stroke length is different, resulting in unnecessary consumption of the medium and pressure loss.

3. There are many pipeline specifications. The pipelines with suitable diameters are not properly arranged at all levels as required. The main road diameter is too small, and other branches can be enlarged or reduced at will. There are many end filters. These all increase the pressure drop of the system, and there will be mixed flow at the joint, resulting in large pressure loss, affecting the service life of the pipeline, and extremely unfavorable to the stability of the gas.

4. There is no design and installation of necessary control valves in the pipeline system, which is not conducive to system partition control and system maintenance.

5. In the pipeline system, except for the gas storage tank at the upstream compressed air station, the intermediate link has no buffer gas storage tank configuration.