​Compressed air tube improvement measures


1. Re-plan the layout of the design pipe network.

Under the condition of large gas supply area, large gas supply point and long total stroke, the pipe network layout of the compressed air supply pipeline of the traditional tree structure is no longer applicable, and it is easy to form between the blind end and the lower pipeline. Gas reflux causes pressure fluctuations. In response to this problem, the entire pipe network system was designed into a three-stage ring pipe network configuration that was centrally supplied in the retrofit solution. In the first stage, the main line surrounds the entire plant; in the second stage, the plant area is divided into three parts, each part forming a secondary loop; in the third stage, each gas point is taken by the secondary loop. The lead pipe is connected to the gas equipment to eliminate the original unreasonable pipeline form and structure. In this way, both sides of the compressed air can be obtained at any position. If the amount of gas used in a branch line suddenly increases, it can be quickly replenished to reduce the pressure drop. This change in the pipe network layout structure is a key part of improving system performance.

2. Configure the appropriate valve on the annular main line.

The configuration of the valve facilitates independent control, effective regulation and maintenance. Install a pressure reducing valve to reduce the influence on the system pressure when using gas at a point where the gas consumption is large and the pressure is not high.

3. Shorten the pipeline stroke and redesign the pipe diameter of each pipeline.

Reduce the use of elbows and sudden changes in pipe diameter to reduce pressure loss. In particular, the main line of the system, the main pipe diameter is φ89mm, the pipe material is stainless steel; the branch pipe and the secondary pipe are installed in stainless steel pipes of φ56mm and φ22mm respectively. If the amount of gas used by individual equipment is large, the diameter of the pipe is slightly adjusted.

4. Add stainless steel compressed air to each secondary piping system.

In addition to the gas storage tank at the original compressed air station, the gas storage tank is equipped with a stainless steel compressed air storage tank that buffers the energy storage in the secondary pipeline system to solve the pressure fluctuation caused by the short-term gas consumption of the system. problem. In addition, the addition of gas storage tanks can reduce the number of frequent loading or unloading of the compressor unit and reduce the number of control elements, which is of great benefit to maintaining reliable operation of the compressor. At the same time, it also has the function of drainage and control on and off.