​Connector characteristics


Quick change joints have the following advantages:

1. Quick and easy disassembly and assembly, saving time and improving work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of operators.

2. There is almost no working medium flowing out when the self-sealing quick-change joint is disconnected. The pollution of the working environment is reduced, and the dirt is prevented from entering the pipeline system, thereby improving the reliability of the hydraulic system.

3. The quick-change joint itself can rotate freely, which not only releases the internal stress generated in the pipeline during the installation process, but also overcomes the looseness caused by vibration during work. [1]

4. Use high-strength materials; suitable for various models of 3-45 tons.

5. Use the safety device of the hydraulic control check valve to ensure safety.

Joint classification

Quick-change joints are generally divided into mechanical quick-change joints and hydraulic quick-change joints.

Mechanical quick-change couplings can be used without the need to modify excavator piping and hydraulic systems (low-cost models); hydraulic quick-change couplings require modifications to the excavator piping and hydraulic system to meet the need for automatic workover.