​Rubber hose precautions


First, the use of rubber hose notes:
1. Always use rubber hoses within the recommended temperature and pressure ranges.
2. The hose expands and contracts with its internal pressure. Cut the hose to a length slightly longer than you need.
3. When applying pressure, please slowly switch any valve to avoid impact pressure.
4, the rubber hose should be used under the conditions of its bending radius, otherwise it will cause the hose to break and reduce the pressure resistance.
5. When using powder or granules, it may cause wear and tear according to the conditions. Please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.
6. Do not use it under extreme bending conditions near metal parts.
7. Do not touch the hose directly or close to an open flame.
8. Do not press the hose with a vehicle or the like.
For fluids:
1. The rubber hose used should be suitable for the fluid to be delivered.
2. Please consult the product supplier before using the hose for oil, powder, toxic chemicals and strong acid or alkali.