Advantages of pneumatic chucks compared to hydraulic chucks


Compared with the hydraulic chuck, the pneumatic chuck has a simple structure, low use cost and low failure rate, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The air source is mainly used as a power source. Only one 1-cube air pump can operate 8-10 pneumatic chucks at the same time. Moreover, the air pressure gyrator is partially clamped and loosened without leakage, which can save air source and reduce the use cost and maintenance cost (such as hydraulic oil) that occurs when using the hydraulic chuck, so that your investment is in one step. The most economical and practical pneumatic chuck.

Pneumatic chucks are self-innovated and uniquely designed to improve the shortcomings of traditional pneumatic chucks with low clamping force and unstable strength. For example, the pneumatic chuck of ¢200 is normally clamped. 45-degree steel single-side cutting 5mm does not slip, and the clamping force Stable and adjustable, the customer can choose comb soft claws, hard claws, custom shaped claws, etc., and can adjust the comb teeth position according to the workpiece size to process various parts. The pneumatic chuck adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the components are carefully selected.

All the mating surfaces are dust-proof, and the unique material selection and heat treatment process greatly exceeds the service life of the manual chuck (the manual chuck life is generally six months to 1 year), Biyoute pneumatic chuck maintenance is used properly, the service life can reach more than 3 years, and the factory precision can be maintained for a long time, so that your investment can be preserved for a long time, and the repeated clamping accuracy is generally 0.01-0.03mm. The pneumatic chuck generates the force conversion through the air pressure and the wedge angle. In addition to the large clamping force, it also has a super self-locking function. Through the national mechanism testing test, the 3Mpa hydraulic pressure test chuck structure is not deformed, and all components are not Damaged, and in the case of disconnected air supply, the workpiece can still be firmly clamped for cutting, completely solving the safety reliability of the customer.