An introduction to a comprehensive range of pneumatic tool accessories that tells you how to purchase


Super-comprehensive introduction to pneumatic tools and accessories, telling you how to purchase

UV polishing machine, pneumatic engraving machine, pneumatic wrench, etc. These are very common pneumatic tools. So what is the pneumatic tool? What are the pneumatic tool accessories? This article answers your questions.
What are the pneumatic tool accessories?

The tool attachment here refers to a tool that is directly in contact with the workpiece on the body of the pneumatic tool, and the pneumatic triple joint undertakes the task. The pneumatic triplex is mainly composed of a barometer, a filter, an oil mister, a pressure regulator, etc., wherein the filter has a built-in filter element, which is to be maintained and periodically replaced after being used for a period of time; such compressed air is not subjected to any treatment. Direct access to the air motor will result in a greatly shortened motor life, resulting in insufficient power and instability of the entire tool, which may cause damage to the components such as the motor. For this purpose, the compressed air from the pipeline to the pneumatic tool Compressed air filtration and adjustment devices must be provided, including various types of pneumatic sleeves, posts, adapters, cutter heads, etc.

How to buy pneumatic tools

There are many types of pneumatic tools, but in fact, the classification is mainly divided into three types:

1, DIY level, such level of pneumatic tools are mainly used for private use, the proportion of the use of pneumatic tools is not large, the tool itself does not have the quality of long-term operation, suitable for not commonly used but can suddenly need When it is used, the use time is generally less than 2 hours, and the furniture is used for a long time.

2, professional level, is to use 3 or 4 hours a day, some are designed specifically for certain industries, such industries have a common point, used every day, but are about 3 to 4 hours.

3, industrial grade, this level often appears in the factory flow operation, the tool itself has the advantages of wear and damage resistance, the quality is better than the above two. According to the usual analysis, continuous work for 8 hours, and even two hours of work in two shifts a day, is a great test for tools.

4, the brand, the current pneumatic tools brand is numerous, some new customers do not know which brand of pneumatic tools to buy the best. To choose a good pneumatic tool, we must consider whether to purchase from the following points: the ranking of the pneumatic tool in the current market, the reputation of the user of the pneumatic tool, and the quality assurance service after sale. Before buying, you must understand the performance advantages of this brand of pneumatic tools. Don't buy some knockoffs for the price. The price of those pneumatic tools is low, but the performance and durability are not as good as the brand's pneumatic tools. What brand of pneumatic tools is good?

Based on the above situations, you should choose the right tools to match your daily needs and work, otherwise you will only be counterproductive and spend money and can't finish things. Don't just look at the price to buy, you should combine the actual situation, consider more budgets, and be able to identify how to do the most cost-effective pneumatic tools.