Basic knowledge of using pneumatic tools


When using pneumatic tools, many people do not pay attention to how to use the relevant knowledge of pneumatic tools correctly, which leads to problems in the use of pneumatic tools, especially the safety of life. That's what we don't want to see. So we need to popularize the basic knowledge of using pneumatic tools.
1. Reaction torque in the process of using pneumatic tools. Some pneumatic tools are likely to produce reaction torque in normal use, which makes the operator's body tense, affects the balance of the body, and may clip to the finger. Particularly in the use of multi-axis nut lock equipment, screwdriver, ratchet wrench, bevel wrench, rotor, tapping machine, pipe bevel cutter and other equipment, we should be particularly careful. Operators should be careful to take precautions against adverse reaction torque.

2. When using pneumatic tools, air compressors should be selected according to actual needs. The correct choice of air pressure is relatively simple. Generally, there are 8 atmospheric pressures and 12 atmospheric pressures (175 Psi) with high pressure. If there is no special requirement, 8 atmospheric pressures are enough. The air flow rate of air compressors is determined by power. This is generally enough to supply individual tools. Before using pneumatic tools in safety specifications, be sure to read this manual. Pneumatic tools can be used in the workplace only after you have a complete understanding of the contents, and their contents must be strictly enforced.
In short, in the process of using, we must follow the operation steps described in the instructions. We should not use pneumatic tools at high loads to exceed the maximum operating pressure. At the same time, we should often make pneumatic tools work under the environment of operating pressure, which will greatly reduce the service life of the tools themselves. When changing tools or accessories frequently, remove pneumatic tools from the air source first. Wear goggles, earplugs and masks as much as possible to maintain your own safety during operation. Do not wear loose clothes, scarves, ties or hand ornaments during operation to avoid danger caused by moving or rotating parts. When the pneumatic tool is connected with the high-pressure air source, do not press the trigger when not in use. Keep spare parts in good condition. Loose spare parts can cause serious danger. When replacing worn parts, please use special parts. Do not use air compressor tube to damage or impact. Never point your tools at yourself or others. Before use, check whether the air compressor pipe is fragile or damaged. If the above situation is found, please update it immediately to maintain the safety of locking all nuts and screws, and to ensure that all equipment is in a safe state.