Brief introduction of blowing dust gun


The blow gun is mainly used for dust removal in factories and during installation and maintenance. It is most suitable for cleaning in some narrow, high places and in the trachea that are not accessible to some hands. Pneumatic blow guns use the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, resulting in a powerful and precise airflow that drives the surrounding air to work together.


1. The new tool body is compact and easy to carry.

2. Use some of the narrower, higher, and tracheal cleaning tasks that are not accessible to some hands.

3. Adopt new technology, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. The trigger and the handle are integrated, making it more convenient when using a pneumatic blow gun.


1. It must be installed and used according to the operating instructions before operation.

2. The blow gun must be used by connecting the compressor.

3. Keep the blow gun clean, free of oil and dust.

4. Regularly clean the blow gun to prevent a large amount of other substances from depositing on the parts of the blow gun. When cleaning, the power should be cut off.

5. Do not use in an environment containing flammable gases and large amounts of dust.

6. Non-professionals cannot repair without authorization.