Brief Introduction of Horizontal Pipe Roller


Horizontal pipe coiler refers to the coiler which coils horizontally and single layer. It is often used in equipment with limited height of the coiler, such as air cushion transport vehicle. Air cushion truck uses compressed air to lift the truck and load off the ground through air cushion, thus reducing the friction between the truck and the ground to 0, so that the truck can move the load smoothly. In this process, the hovercraft will consume a lot of compressed air, which requires continuous supply of air to the hovercraft through rubber hoses, which can reach 50 meters in length.

Horizontal reeler built in the transport vehicle is used to collect and release these aerosol pipes, so that the air cushion transport vehicle can move over long distances, but also can make the hose orderly receipt, to ensure the operation order and safety of the workshop. According to the different load of the transport vehicle, the size of air supply is different, and the diameter of rubber hose is also different. The commonly used rubber hose diameter is 1.5 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch. At present, the horizontal pipe coiler produced by our company can accommodate up to 50 meters of rubber hose.

The diameter of the coil can reach 2.2 meters. The coil is welded with high strength structural profiles. Through process optimization, the edge jump of the coil can be controlled within 3 mm in radial direction and 5 mm in axial direction. Horizontal reel can be driven by pneumatic motor and DC motor. It should be noted that if the horizontal chain drive is used, the chain needs to be tightened to keep the chain tightened throughout the working process without loosening the chain.