Car Tire Maintenance and Inspection Before Travel


At present, cars have entered many families, driving is no longer a mystery. But the car suddenly broke down, for some people it is upsetting. With the increase of cars, people's safety awareness is also increasing, but people tend to ignore the maintenance of wheels, in fact, tire maintenance for you must not be ignored.
According to statistics, traffic accidents caused by tire burst accounted for more than 30% of highway accidents, while in actual tire inspection, the hidden safety hazards accounted for more than 40% of the total vehicles.
So what are the hidden dangers of car tyres?
First of all, the actual tire pressure does not match. Whether the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will cause great damage to the tire life.
Secondly, when a car is driving on the road every day, it is not excluded that broken glass nails and other debris stick into the tire. These seemingly insignificant debris will gradually go deeper and deeper. If they are hit here again during the driving process, there will be a possibility of tire burst.
Third, tire aging: Many people think that the tire will not change until the tread is smooth. In fact, the tire has a time life? Generally, the manufacturer sets the time life of the tire as three years. As the name implies, even if the tire is brand-new, it will not be used after three years'shelf in Enron.
These seemingly insignificant hidden dangers are often lethal weapons, so how can we solve these hidden dangers?
First, check the tire once a week to see if the tire pressure is insufficient. At the same time, don't forget to check the spare tire pressure. If you need to replace worn tires, it's better to replace two or four together, and choose the same tread tires to keep the car running in balance.
Secondly, check and remove the stones and debris attached to the tread pattern regularly, check the tire wear situation. Once the change indication sign of tire wear appears, the tire should be replaced immediately to prevent danger, so as to avoid serious accidents.
It seems that in order to keep the car going for a long time and reduce the cost of maintenance, the most important principle is to prevent small hair lesions from turning into major operations.