Classification of high pressure oil pipe joint and matters needing attention


High pressure tubing is actually a branch of high-pressure hose. There are different models and specifications of high-pressure hose in the use of joints. Today, I'd like to tell you about the joints of high-pressure hose?

The first is the international metric internal thread flat joint.
The second is the international metric ferrule connector
The third is the 74 degree internal cone joint of international metric internal thread
The fourth is the international metric internal thread spherical joint
The fifth is the mining hydraulic support joint

There are some points needing attention in the process of using high pressure oil pipe joint
1、 When handling high-pressure oil pipe, we must pay attention not to cause friction on the surface, so as to avoid damage. Although the rubber hose is used, we can not let the appearance of high-pressure oil pipe leak.
2、 Do not bend the high-pressure oil pipe, which will lead to internal damage of the high-pressure oil pipe, adding a lot of unnecessary trouble to the future use.
3、 Do not use high-pressure oil pipes immediately. It is recommended to filter them with water first. Some high-pressure oil pipes are acid-base resistant, so we can't use the liquid in conflict with the current liquid for testing.
4、 When installing the high pressure oil pipe joint, be sure to tighten it to prevent liquid leakage.