Compressed air tube Construction points


1, the pipe level should be distinguished
Compressed air pipes are divided into low pressure and medium pressure according to pressure. These two pipes cannot be mixed to avoid accidents. New pipes should be numbered and stacked separately. Do not take the wrong time when installing.
2, the pipeline layout should be reasonable
There are many compressed air pipes, except for the intake pipe of the compressor, as well as the pipes of the exhaust pipe, deoiled water separator, condenser, dryer, etc., and there should be no interference or rubbing between these pipes and pipes or pipes and equipment. . Pipes are not allowed to be sloped for future maintenance. Equipment with water discharge requirements shall be provided with a drain valve and shall not be missed.
3, all interfaces should be strict
Gas is more likely to leak and penetrate more strongly than water. Therefore, all interfaces must be tight. Choose a suitable gasket, the weld should be cleaned of the iron oxide, and the flanged bolts should be left with room for further tightening. The flanges that are screwed must not have defects such as mouth opening, partial mouth, wrong mouth, other strength, unevenness of the gap. When testing, carefully check the tightness of each interface and do not allow traces of gas to escape.
4, the installation of accessories must be complete with a wide variety of valves, different functions. The type, size and quantity of the valve used for the compressed air line should match the drawing. When installing, the position should be right, the direction is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the arrangement is neat, and the performance is good, so that it plays its due role. The blind plate used for sealing shall have a handle for easy extraction at the end; the hose for discharging shall be fixed with a clamp and shall not be loosened: the discharge pipe on the safety valve shall be connected to a remoteness of more than 2m. In order to avoid hurting people. When the pressure gauge is installed, a spring tube with a buffering function and a cock for repairing function are installed in front of the pressure gauge. The installation of the pipe bracket shall meet the requirements, and shall not have any defects such as looseness, displacement, over-buried or swaying.