Compressed air tube design points


The compressed air tube is a chemical with appearance, softness, oxidation resistance, anti-aging, and full-text irritancy.

Compressed tubes are commonly used in compressed air, auto parts shops and pneumatic (air pressure) tools, as well as water and non-corrosive liquids, and are widely used in industries, construction, agriculture and other fields. The soft-walled air compression tube has the appearance, softness, elasticity similar to rubber, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, summer is not soft, winter is not hard, no cracking characteristics.

1. In international engineering, compressed air pipelines should be designed using 3D software. The more reasonable design method is to directly use 3D software modeling. Although a lot of work needs to be done in the early stage, after the pipeline 3D model is built, the plan and the axis test can be directly generated. Diagrams, equipment tables, material tables, etc., can save a lot of work and improve efficiency at the later stage, and also ensure the accuracy of the pipeline drawing without collision.

2. The network diagram of the compressed air pipeline in the plant area, the starting point is generally the outlet of the compressed air station in the plant or the reserved point of the plant, and the end point is each user point. Each user point has indoor and outdoor points. When conditions permit, the indoor and outdoor user points of the entire plant area should be represented in the same plan or isometric view as much as possible, that is, a drawing is used to indicate all user points in the entire plant area. Figure and reading.

3. Compressed air pipelines generally have small pipe diameters. The compressed air pipelines in the plant area should be arranged. The buildings, corridors and large pipelines should be used as much as possible to weld the compressed air pipeline brackets on top, and the number of independent floor brackets should be minimized.

4. The compressed air pipeline should use natural compensation as much as possible without a compensator.

5. The force of the compressed air pipe bracket should be calculated by the corresponding software. Under the condition of force, the bracket form should use the limit bracket as much as possible to allow the pipe to have axial displacement. In this way, when the straight pipe section is not long, the fixed bracket and the compensator can be omitted, the pipeline form is simplified, the pipeline cost is reduced, and the construction on site is also facilitated.