Function and application of stainless steel B-type quick coupling


Stainless steel B-type quick connector is commonly known as: locking arm quick connector, lever type quick connector and ring type quick connector. The types of quick connector include → a, B, C, D, e, F, DC, DP. The size is generally 1 / 2-6 "according to the equipment, and the size can be different according to customer requirements. The materials include brass, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, polypropylene, etc. The product is a male head, one end of which is directly clamped with the female head, and the other end is an internal thread, which is connected to the pipe or other external thread joints.

Material: SUS304, SUS316, aluminum, other materials can be customized.
Specification: 1 / 2 "- 6"
Diameter of steel pipe: dn8-dn 150
Nominal pressure: usually 16-70kg pressure (the specific size depends on the size, so it is better to contact us by phone)
Applicable temperature: - 30 ~ 120 ℃
Stainless steel B-type quick connector is suitable for oil and gas, vehicle and ship machinery manufacturing, aerospace, metallurgy and chemical industry, transportation, electric power, central heating, vacuum, refrigeration, oil, gas, water, acid, etc.
Thread type: NPT, Pt, PS DIN
Connection: threaded connection, flange connection, welding, ferrule, quick connection, direct connection, handle type.


Stainless steel B-type quick connector product introduction:
1. Working pressure of stainless steel variable diameter quick joint: 16MPa ~ 3.2Mpa. Temperature: - 20 ~ + 230 ℃.
2. Working medium of stainless steel variable diameter quick coupling products: gasoline, heavy oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, refrigeration oil, water, salt water, acid and alkaline liquid, etc.
3. Connection mode of variable diameter quick connector: internal thread, external thread, connecting hose, flange, butt welding, socket welding, plate handle type.
4. Sealing materials of variable diameter quick joint products: NBR, PU, fluororubber, PTFE, EPDM.
5. Material: aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel SUS316.
6. Thread types of quick coupling products: NPT, ZG, G, BSPT, BSP, din259 / 2999 (national standard, American Standard, British Standard).
7. Diameter or specification of variable diameter quick connector: 1 / 2 "~ 6" (DN 15, DN20, DN25, DN32, Dn40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN 100, DN 125, DN 150)
Features of stainless steel B-type quick connector:
1. Time saving and labor saving: when the oil circuit is disconnected and connected through the quick coupling, the action is simple, and the time and manpower are saved.
2. Oil saving: when the oil circuit is broken, the single valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit, so that the oil will not flow out and avoid the loss of oil pressure.
3. Environmental protection: when the quick coupling is broken and connected, the oil will not leak and protect the environment.
4. Equipment design unique, easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools need to be easy to carry, use quick coupling to separate and transport, and then assemble and use after arriving at the destination.
5. Economy: the above advantages create economic value for customers.
Precautions for use of stainless steel B-type quick coupling:
1. Do not use for fluids other than applicable fluids.
2. Do not exceed the maximum pressure limit when using.
3. Do not use outside the temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of sealing materials.
4. Do not hit, bend, stretch artificially to prevent damage.
5. Do not use it in places mixed with metal powder or sand dust to prevent poor work or leakage.
6. For the installation of thread, do not exceed the maximum tightening torque to prevent damage.
7. Do not use hose with cracks to prevent leakage or falling off.
8. If used in the machine with vibration and impact, the durability will be reduced.
9. The fluid used must be a clean fluid filtered by a filter.
10. Do not remove the quick connect fitting.
Use method of stainless steel B-type quick connector:
Models B, C, D and DC can be assembled into a set of quick coupling products with any one of models a, e, F and DP, and vice versa. Users can choose products according to their specific needs. Connection with thread
When connecting with the hose, it is advisable to add densified sealing material to the threaded part; when connecting with the hose, it is better to clamp with a hose clamp to ensure the sealing of the connection. The quick connector is mainly made of 304 (CF8) 316 (CF8M) material, and the mold weight of quick connector is divided into two parts
Type quick coupling, light quick coupling, lightest quick coupling. Any combination of stainless steel quick connector can be arbitrarily combined into one end of internal thread and one end of external thread; both ends are nozzles; one end of external thread, one end of external thread
Internal thread; or arbitrarily blocked.

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