Hand held pneumatic tools


Hand held pneumatic tools, with compressed air to promote the reciprocating movement of the piston, so that the selection continues to be impacted.
For mining, road construction, etc.
The selection consists of gas distribution mechanism and impact mechanism. The impact mechanism is a thick wall cylinder with an impact hammer, which moves back and forth along the inner wall of the cylinder. The tail of the drill bit is inserted into the front end of the cylinder, and the rear end of the cylinder is equipped with a valve box.
There are many longitudinal air holes around the cylinder wall. The compression spring of the plunger valve is connected with the gas channel. One end of the air is pushed through the valve to push the handle sleeve, and the other end is inserted into the cylinder. The length of each hole is configured according to the movement requirements of the impact hammer. In order to enter the air or exhaust air in turn, the plunger valve is in a normally closed state under the action of the coil. Make the impact hammer move back and forth in the cylinder regularly. When the impact hammer moves forward, the gas in the cylinder is sealed in the valve box, forming a flexible buffer layer, and the gas in the cylinder is sealed in the valve box, refitted with gas, and then impacted forward. The hammer blows the tail; the impact hammer moves back, and the material picking of the hopper is located in the handle sleeve. There is a plunger valve between the inlet pipe and the distribution valve, which is used to control the air passage. The plunger valve is normally closed under the action of the spiral spring to close the gas pipeline. When the hopper is operated, the drill bit is lifted to the construction surface, the other end enters the cylinder block, the handle sleeve is pressed, the spring of the compression plunger valve is connected with the air channel, and there are many air hole walls around the longitudinal cylinder, and then the gas is used automatically, and the rear of the cylinder is equipped with a valve box. Make the impact hammer continue to move back and forth, hit the tail and break the construction body. Selection is a kind of hand-held machine, which is composed of gas distribution mechanism, impact mechanism and hall. So it requires compact structure and light carrying.