How to make the cable reel service life longer


For the first time contact with mobile cable reel users, not only know how to use the cable reel, but also know how to maintain. Any electrical product has a service life, but different operation and use methods can affect its life. What are the rules that affect the service life of mobile cable reels?
Rule 1. Moving cable reels to places is like sockets, but unlike sockets, they can be used in more situations. However, in different situations, it is also necessary to choose the right product type. Because the workplace gap is huge, not all products are applicable. If it is a large-scale production base, it needs industrial socket type mobile cable reel. Products that need to be used in humid environment for a long time need to choose waterproof, while in flammable gas environment, it needs professional explosion-proof mobile cable reel.
Rule 2. Pay attention to the length of the winding. When using the movable cable reel, it should be noted that the length of the socket is only a few meters, so there is no problem of length selection. The cable reel is at least 30 meters and up to 200 meters, so the length of the reel should be selected according to the need. If the length is not suitable, short can not be used normally, long, winding on the drum will generate a lot of heat, affecting the output power.
Rule 3. Regular monitoring and maintenance 1. Check the cable to see if it is corroded. If the cable is corroded, it may expose the wires inside and cause leakage. According to the corrosion degree of chemical or electrolytic action, the surface of the cable has different symptoms, showing different colors of fine holes. There may also be red, yellow or yellowish compounds. According to these different performances, corresponding measures should be taken. Check whether the cable is damaged by tension and friction. Cable cable will be dragged and moved in the long-term use process. It is easy to break or break due to external forces, leading to insulation failure and so on. Check whether the cable coil and cable are damaged or about to be damaged due to long-term use. This requires regular overall inspection of cable reels, so as not to solve problems and eliminate potential hazards.
The protector in the cable coil of the monitoring protector also has some points needing attention. For example, it is better to check and maintain the protector after the product has been used for a period of time to ensure that it can correctly detect circuit faults and take correct power-off measures to avoid false alarm and power-off. The quality and design of products are the fundamental factors to determine the service life of products. Whether the operation process is correct or not, and whether the method is appropriate, are the key influencing factors. At present, the material used by our company has been able to ensure the safety and durability of products to the greatest extent. As long as consumers grasp the correct rules of use, they can better play the role of mobile cable reel.