How to select a good metal quick connector


1. The type and temperature of fluids (please select metal quick connectors that are suitable for the type and temperature of fluids and sealing materials). According to fluids, the suitable body materials and sealing materials are different.
2. The pressure of the liquid (select a metal quick connector suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure). The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of the quick connector.The construction of metal quick-plug connectors is also different according to the pressure resistance.
3. The usage environment of the metal quick-plug joint (please select the suitable construction and material of the metal quick-plug joint) and the humidity condition, dust condition of the usage environment, as well as the usage environment which is easy to corrode, to consider the type and main material of the selected metal quick-plug joint.

4. Installation shape and size (please order the product after determining its shape and size)
5. Auto-switch valve construction (please select a quick joint for valve construction suitable for piping purposes). For valve construction, there are two on-off, one-way on-off and two-way open.Because in addition to two on-off modes, fluid flows out of the nozzle during separation.
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