How to Select Multifunctional Accessories for Hand Tools and Pneumatic Tools


When using ratchet quick pull, it is often necessary to match different fittings to tighten the nut more conveniently because of different working conditions and fastener specifications. Ad locum,
Take the following four accessories for example, to introduce how to choose the appropriate hand tool accessories.
In unfamiliar machine repair or automobile repair occasions, with the help of measuring tools, the size of the workpiece can be quickly judged and the work efficiency can be improved.
Three aspects should be considered when choosing measurement tools:
1. It is preferable to use the front metric size and the reverse metric size, so that they can be used in various workplaces. The measuring range of fast measuring tools is metric.
8 mm to 25 mm, British System (SAE) 5/16 "~1".
2. Material and workmanship. Make sure that the sliding button can be operated smoothly in the sliding track, and see if the fuselage surface is treated by the nickel sardine process, so as to prevent rust.
It also gives consideration to beauty.
3. Whether it is compact and portable. Small size and light weight fast measuring tools are easy to carry, especially if they are equipped with Keyring hooks.
II. Joints
Joints are usually used with ratchet wrenches, sleeves, etc. When choosing joints, we should pay attention to not only the size, but also the size of the workspace. Quick release sleeve
The adapter is suitable for narrow space. It can be used with ratchet quick wrench as small, medium, big or light ratchet wrench to drive sleeves of various sizes.
Fixed on the quick pull of the plum thorn, the total height is short, and the workpiece can be quickly and flexibly twisted.
There are universal joints and rotary head sleeve joints on the market. Among them, the 45 degree universal joint can rotate 360 degrees without dead angle to ensure smooth operation. Some connectors
It also has locking function, which can prevent sleeve falling. It is especially suitable for high altitude operation.
II. Connecting rod
In terms of size, the connecting rod can be divided into small, medium and large flights. It is suggested to choose a connecting rod with a pattern of knurling, which is more skid-resistant; secondly, the quick-release connecting rod is used up.
The volume selection head with groove design can avoid the danger caused by mistakenly touching the release button, and can be safely used in high-speed machine.
4. Pneumatic sleeve
When selecting a pneumatic sleeve, the endurance and durability of the torsion are very important, and it should be able to withstand high load power. If it is a professional occasion, the industrial sleeve is more.
Good choice.
If the translucent ring pneumatic sleeve is selected, the advantage is that it can not only prevent collision and scratch of wheel frame paint, but also in the workplace.
Quick identification of the required size can be achieved at one stroke.
In detail, it is suggested to select a hexagonal drive sleeve with a tighter contact surface with the nut to reduce wear on the tip of the nut and to avoid slippage in operation. as
If the operating space is limited, thin wall and small diameter can be selected to make the torque performance better.