How to self check the tire pressure


How to self check the tire pressure
First of all, you have to have a tire pressure gauge, because the tire pressure cannot be judged by visual inspection or kick, which will be inaccurate. The correct way is to use a tire pressure gauge to measure.
In order to ensure that the measured tire pressure value is accurate, you also need to master the correct method of measuring tire pressure:
Instructions for correct use of tire pressure gauge: 1. The vehicle shall be parked on flat ground, and the tire pressure shall be measured when the vehicle is cold;
2. First check whether the reading of the tire pressure gauge is at the position of 0n. If not, press the button on the side of the tire pressure gauge to make it clear;
3. Remove the valve cover of the tire and press the pressure tap of the tire pressure gauge into the valve on the tire. The speed of pressing in needs to be rapid so as not to cause air leakage in the tire;
4. While pressing the tire pressure gauge with force, observe whether its pointer is stable. After the pointer is stable, quickly pull out the tire pressure gauge to read;
5. According to the tire pressure requirements of the door side and the driver's experience, determine whether the tire pressure meets the requirements; if the tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure gauge can be used to deflate; if the tire pressure is too low, immediately replenish the air to the safe tire pressure, and re measure and check the accurate tire pressure;
6. Clear the tire pressure gauge and cover the valve cap back.
This brand of tire pressure gauge is a metal mechanical tire pressure gauge, precise and durable; with pressure relief handle, it can release pressure intermittently or continuously, which is used to read the air pressure of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., to ensure that the tires can be used under the correct pressure.