How to use tire pressure gauge


Usage of tire pressure gauge
Tire pressure gauge can be divided into mechanical type and digital type, and the specific operation method is the same. Next, take the small mechanical tire pressure gauge as an example to demonstrate the specific method of measuring tire pressure.
It should be noted that the tire pressure should be measured in the cold state, that is, when the vehicle has not been driven and the air temperature in the tire is the same as the ambient temperature. If you drive for a short distance of less than 1 km, the air temperature in the tire is not obvious, so it is OK. However, if the tire is exposed to the sun after a long-distance driving, the air temperature in the tire will be very high, and the measurement reading will be inaccurate. You should park the car in the shade and let it stand for more than 1 hour before measuring. Therefore, it is recommended to take measurements before driving in the morning.
There are many units of pressure, Pascal, mmHg, kg / cm2, psi We are not scientists, so we don't need to study the conversion relations of so many units. Just remember that kPa divided by 100 is about kg. In actual measurement, 2.5kg is about 250kPa according to the relatively small number in the outer ring of tire pressure gauge.

A car, regardless of the price, power, and the ground are the four tires. Therefore, the safe use of tires is very important for driving safety. I hope that the majority of car owners can learn how to measure the tire pressure by themselves through this manuscript, measure the tire pressure once a month, and master the tire health at any time. In the process of long-distance self driving, it is better to observe the appearance of the tires and measure the tire pressure when stopping and resting, so as to nip all the hidden dangers of accidents in the bud, so as to ensure safe travel.