Introduction to tire pressure gauge


Tire pressure gauges or tire pressure gauges are special pressure gauges designed to measure the pressure in tires of cars, trucks, bicycles, etc. The tire pressure gauge adopts pressure sensing technology with high measurement accuracy (error less than 0.05%) and long service life. Using a tire pressure gauge to test tire pressure in time allows the motorized family to know the tire pressure of their car tires in time. The pointer type operation is simple, the digital reading is convenient, and the alarm type does not show the tire pressure value. Each tire pressure gauge has a certain pressure measurement range. Generally, the household only needs 0-100 PSI, and there is no need for a heavy-duty tire pressure gauge for trucks, and the price ranges from 12 yuan to 100 yuan.


Mini Tire Pressure Gauge

Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge

Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

Digital Gauge

Inflator Gauge

Dual Wheel Tire Gauge