Joint technology of pneumatic quick connector


Mechanical connection method: the metal buckle is fixed on two pneumatic quick plug connectors, and the pins are inserted to connect the two heads. Features: simple operation, fast speed, detachable, but low strength, only 30% - 60% of the strength of the original belt, poor flexibility at the joint, easy to damage the drum and other parts, vibration, noise, leakage, etc;
Cold bonding method: use specific adhesive to bond the two ends of the peeling layer. After fully rolling, the adhesive shall be placed for more than two hours. The operation is the same as that of hot bonding. Features: no leakage, noise, vibration, and expensive equipment is not required. However, its disadvantages are low connection strength and poor reliability. It can only be used in the case of limited temperature, low safety requirements and general wear resistance. It is not suitable for steel Wire rope conveyor belt;
Hot bonding connection method: the hot vulcanization connection pneumatic quick plug-in joint is an ideal modern industrial belt joint method. If the connection quality is very high, its joint life can be compared with the life of the rubber conveyor belt itself. The joint can be carried out on any type of belt core reinforcement material, and a portable, flat pressure vulcanizer is used for connection treatment to provide vulcanization or fusion required Pressure and temperature required.