Know about the tyre pressure gauge


The tyre pressure gauge is a tool for measuring the tyre pressure of a vehicle. Air pressure is the lifeblood of a tire, too high or too low will shorten its service life. If the air pressure is too low, the deformation of the matrix will increase, and the side of the tire will be prone to cracks. At the same time, there will be flexion movement, which will lead to excessive heat generation, aging of rubber, fatigue of the cord layer and breakage of the cord. If the air pressure is too low, the tire grounding area will be increased and the shoulder wear will be accelerated. Excessive air pressure will cause excessive stretching deformation of tire cord, decrease the elasticity of tire body, and increase the load on the vehicle during driving. If the pressure is too high, internal cracking and blasting will occur. At the same time, excessive air pressure will accelerate the wear of tire crown and reduce the rolling resistance. The tire pressure gauge can accurately measure the tire pressure, so that tire pressure can be monitored at all times to ensure your driving safety. It is best to measure the tire pressure before going to high speed.

The tyre manometer is mainly divided into two types: mechanical pointer tyre manometer and electronic tyre manometer.