Manual chuck compared to pneumatic chuck


Compared with the manual chuck, the pneumatic chuck can be automatically centered and clamped in a moment, and the clamping force is stable and adjustable. In addition to improving work efficiency, one can operate multiple CNC machine tools. , which greatly reduces the cost of human resources, and also reduces the investment in fixed equipment, and is widely applicable to batch processing enterprises. In addition, according to customer needs, we can make non-standard pneumatic clamps for difficult-to-clamp shaped parts (such as valves and pumps).

The use of pneumatic chucks, while improving production efficiency, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, make your company a model of compassionate workers, and add new highlights to the recruitment of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of the product market. It can improve equipment grade and enhance the overall image of the company. It is the first choice for equipment improvement of super-strength machining enterprises.

The complete set of pneumatic chucks is equipped with chucks, pneumatic gyrators and electronic control parts. It does not need to be equipped with tie rods during installation. It has changed the traditional pneumatic and hydraulic chucks with complicated structure and troublesome installation. (Generally, professional installation takes 2 working days) By reading the installation instructions and schematic diagrams, the user can complete the installation process in about 1 hour, which can save the user a high installation fee and production cost, and improve the machine operation efficiency for the user.