Method of using tyre barometer


Tyre barometer is a kind of pneumatic tyre barometer. It is composed of the head, piston, body, ruler, main spring and so on. Next, the safety net will tell you how to use the tyre barometer. Please study it carefully.
The usage methods of tyre barometer are summarized as follows.
The tire barometer is a kind of pneumatic tire barometer. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small measuring range, high accuracy and convenient use, and is suitable for measuring tire pressure of small vehicles such as minicars and motorcycles.
The use of tyre barometer is very simple. The measurement groove of tyre barometer is positively pressed against the tyre valve. At this time, the tire barometer pointer deflects, and its indication value is the inflatable pressure of the tire, or the rod of the tire barometer is pushed out under the action of air pressure. At this time, the value shown on the rod is the inflatable pressure of the tire. When the measurement is completed, the tire valve core should be carefully checked for air leakage. If there is a leak, it should be excluded.
Note that if it is found that the vehicle needs air filling, there is an inflator that can be solved locally. If there is no owner, you need to go to the nearest tire store to inflate. The best choice is not to exceed 1.6 km from the inflatable point, because the tire pressure is still accurate within 1.6 km after the car is stationary for 4 hours. If the tire pressure exceeds 1.6 km, it will charge 5% more when inflating. According to the relevant information, the standard pressure of ordinary automobile tire is best: the front wheel is 2.5 kg in winter, the rear wheel is 2.7 kg; the front wheel is 2.3 kg in summer, and the rear wheel is 2.5 kg. This not only ensures safe driving and comfort, but also minimizes fuel consumption.
Basically, we recommend that the tyre pressure of a car should be checked once a week for too low tyre pressure, which may cause the tyre wall to crush seriously when driving. In the long run, too high tyre pressure may cause the tyre to rupture more easily than in the general situation. Whether too low or too high tyre pressure may affect your safety. It can also assemble a tire barometer for the car, which can detect the tire pressure and tire temperature at all times to ensure safe travel.