Nail gun has a perfect safety design


The nail gun has a perfect safety design and is safe to use correctly. A nail gun is not a weapon, but it is equally dangerous. Since the nail shooter is a tool for powering the gunpowder by hitting the projectile, it is natural to associate it with the gun. In order to ensure the safety of the nailer user and others, and to increase the reliability of shooting fixation, each nailer is designed with strict safety devices. The most commonly used safety devices are:
1. Direct pressure insurance: The nailer cannot be ignited until the nail is pressed on the plane until it is flush with the protective cover.
2 . Needle spring insurance: For some nailers, the needle spring is not compressed before the trigger, and the needle does not work.
3 . Falling fire insurance: The nail shooter accidentally falls on the ground and does not cause fire.
4- Tilting insurance: If the nail tube is pressed on the base plane, the axis is offset from the plane perpendicular to a certain angle.
The nailer does not fire.

5 . Shield insurance: Most nailers are equipped with a protective cover, which can effectively prevent the debris caused by the nail
Due to the wide variety of nails, the scope of use is wide and the situation is different. In order to meet these requirements, most of the ejector are equipped with accessories, for which the purpose should be clearly identified for proper use.