Nail gun installation method


1. It is not recommended to use a nailer to operate on a soft substrate, such as wood or soft soil, which will damage the nail.
The brake ring of the device, which affects normal use.
2, for the soft texture, low strength of the solid objects, such as sound insulation board, insulation board, grass fiber board, etc., if the general shot
The nail fixing method will damage the solid objects. Therefore, nails with metal gaskets should be used to obtain the desired fixing effect.
3. After loading the projectile, it is strictly forbidden to push the nail tube directly by hand.
4. Don't aim the nailer with the nail gun at others.
5. During the shooting process, if the projectile does not ignite, it should be stopped for more than 5 seconds to move the nailer.
6. Remove the projectile before the nail shooter is used, or before repair or maintenance.
7. For soft (such as wood) to be fired by the firmware or the base, choose the power of the projectile to be appropriate, the power is too large, it will be interrupted.
Piston rod.
8. If the nailer is used for a long time, the wearing parts (such as the piston ring) should be replaced in time, otherwise the shooting effect is not ideal (such as
The power is down).
9. After shooting, you should wipe or clean the parts of the nailer in time.
10, a variety of nailers have instructions, read the instructions before use, understand the principle, performance, structure of the nailer,
Disassembly and assembly methods, and comply with the prescribed precautions.
11. In order to ensure the safety of you and others, please strictly use the matching nailing equipment.