Nail gun operation requirements


Operational requirements
1. The operator must be trained and familiar with the performance, function, structural characteristics and maintenance methods of each component. Other personnel are not allowed to use it automatically.
2. The nail gun must be thoroughly inspected before the operation. The shell and the handle of the nail gun are free from cracks and damage; the protective covers of all parts are complete and firm, and the protection device is reliable. 3. It is strictly forbidden to push the nail tube with the palm of your hand and aim the gun at the person.
4. When firing, the nail gun should be pressed vertically against the working surface. When the trigger is pulled twice and the bullets are not fired, the original shooting position should be kept for a few seconds before exiting the projectile. 5. No nails may be placed in the gun until the parts are replaced or the nail gun is disconnected.
6. It is strictly forbidden to use overload. Attention should be paid to the sound and temperature rise during the operation, and the abnormality should be stopped immediately and checked.
7. The nail gun and its accessory cartridges, gunpowder and nails must be separated and have a dedicated person to take care of. The personnel shall accurately issue the quantity according to the quantity of the received materials, and recover all the remaining and used cartridges. The issuance and recovery must be checked and matched.
8. The injection point should not be too close to the edge of the building (not less than 10 cm) to prevent the wall members from smashing and injuring people.
9. It is strictly forbidden to shoot at inflammable and explosive places. Do not work on fragile or hard objects such as marble, granite or cast iron. It is strictly forbidden to work on buildings and steel plates that can penetrate.