Notes on pneumatic quick plug connector


Installation precautions of pneumatic quick plug connector:
1. Full inspection: leak detection under 8 kg pressure to ensure product stability.
2. Fast installation, simple and dexterous, space saving.
3. Various forms can meet the needs of any pneumatic pipe laying.
4. Even after installation, the plastic pipe body can be turned freely.
5. The button adopts elliptical design, which is more labor-saving and convenient to disassemble.
6. All taper pipe threads are pre coated with PTFE leak proof adhesive, which has good sealing performance.
7. The joint is equipped with hexagonal hole, which is convenient for installation in narrow place.

Precautions for connecting pipe of pneumatic quick plug connector:
1. Make sure that the cut-off section of the pipe is vertical, that there is no scar on the periphery of the pipe and that the pipe is not oval.
2. When inserting the pipe, it must be inserted to the bottom of the joint. If the pipe is not inserted to the end, it may cause air leakage.
3. After the pipe is connected and installed, pull the pipe to make sure that the pipe can not pull out the joint.
4. Using a suitable tool, remove the coupling using the outer hexagon of the coupling.
5. The sealing material adhering to the pipe joint shall be removed. Otherwise, the adhesive sealing material may enter the peripheral components and cause failure.
Quick plug / threaded joint QS main feature application only needs "plug and play" reliable connection, with enclosed seal, it is easy to select suitable connector. QS provides a solid solution for every connection. The convenient quick plug / threaded joint system includes more than 1000 standard and functional joints. The stainless steel clamp claws on the connector can hold the cylinder firmly without damaging the air pipe surface. It can safely absorb vibration and air pressure surge. Press the blue release ring. For convenience, the corresponding outer diameter of the gas pipe is marked on the release ring. The NBR seal ring ensures excellent sealing between the standard outer diameter gas pipe and the joint. Standard gas tubes are suitable for compressed air and vacuum applications.