Please pay attention to the use of air pipe connector


The gas pipe joint has a series of advantages, such as advanced structure, good performance, easy to use, no need to weld, no need to pipe expansion, etc. Therefore, the ferrule type pipe joint has been widely used in various mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic systems. However, the ferrule manufacturing accuracy of ferrule type pipe joint is high. Due to the complexity of the process, it is not suitable to manufacture sporadically or in small batch, and needs professional production.
The characteristics of tracheal connector are as follows
1. Fast installation, simple and dexterous, space saving.
2. Various forms can meet the needs of any pneumatic pipe laying.
3. Even after installation, the plastic pipe can be turned freely.
4. The release ring adopts elliptical design, which is more labor-saving and convenient to disassemble.
5. All taper pipe threads are pre coated with PTFE leak proof adhesive, which has good sealing performance.
Please pay attention to:
1. The hose should be cut flat and inserted into the bottom of the button as far as possible, and then pull the air pipe outward to ensure successful connection. When unloading the pipe, press down the button as far as possible and pull the pipe out along the axis direction.
2. Different manufacturers have different internal standards of thread. Therefore, if the external thread is Pt or NPT type, even if it is coated with sealant, please try to use raw material tape to prevent leakage.
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