Pneumatic control


The high-speed rotary quick-change joint for pneumatic control is a quick and convenient replacement joint designed as a quick connection between pneumatic components in various industrial pneumatic automatic control fields. The characteristics of this quick-change joint are: built-in bearings. Freely encircling the central axis for 360-degree adjustment and rotation without damage. The basic material used: copper, the highest air pressure can reach 1.0Mpa, the vacuum system can be used (vacuum degree below 100kPa), suitable for fitting hose material : Nylon and PU, standard quick-change joints with sealant, nickel-plated surface will not produce copper ions.

Quick change and fast

Quick change joint function

The quick-change joint is mainly used to improve the replacement efficiency between the bucket and the working parts such as the bucket and the ripper during the work, and is divided into hydraulic type and mechanical type.

Quick joint function

The quick connector is a connector that allows the pipe to be connected or disconnected without the need for tools. Quick connectors can be divided into: quick connectors for air, quick connectors for oxygen fuel gas, quick connectors for gas and liquid, quick connectors for oil pressure, quick connectors for inert gas, quick connectors for cooling water and oil, and quick connectors for semiconductors.


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