Pneumatic hose characteristics


Pneumatic hose characteristics:

○ The transparent tube has a high transparency, and the state of the medium flow is clearly visible.

○ Made of high resilience polyurethane raw material; makes the pneumatic tube have a small bending radius and is easier to install.

○ The yellowing resistance is above grade 3 and it is not easy to turn yellow.

○The color tube adopts imported weather-resistant toner, and the color tube produced by the color standard is bright and bright, and the long-term work does not fade.

○The online pipe diameter control system is adopted, and the tolerance of the pipe diameter is controlled within △±0.12mm.

○ Made of 100% high physical plastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU), used under constant working pressure, and has a longer life.

○ Passed SGS certification and ROHS certification.

Pneumatic hose adaptation range

It is equipped with various pneumatic tools, pneumatic automatic machines, air compressors and various connected pneumatic components.

Performance parameter

Wear resistance: 30mg

Limit extension rate: 390-480% Burst pressure: 20-30kgf/cm2

Working vacuum: -25hg60-15kgf/cm2

Tensile strength: 300kgf/cm2

The ratio of burst pressure to long-term use pressure safety factor is 3:1

Tip: Polyurethane pneumatic hoses are suitable for compressed air, general industrial water, non-corrosive oils. To maintain a long service life, it must be used at rated working pressure and ambient temperature. As the temperature rises, the working pressure should be reduced accordingly. If the limit is exceeded, the hose may break. Excessive fluid temperature or chemically corrosive fluids may cause hose rupture, excessive operating temperature or chemical gases in the work space, which may cause hose cracking, storage in wet locations or storage periods. Long, will cause the hose to hydrolyze or age, which may lead to fracture.