Pneumatic quick connector use and features


Quick couplings are suitable for pneumatic lines, compressed air, nitrogen connections, and pipelines that can be loaded and unloaded at work locations, such as pneumatic tools in the pipeline. It can also be used in hydraulic machines, chemicals, ship piping, etc.

Scope of application
Quick connectors for connecting pneumatic tools such as air lines, air compressors, grinders, air drills, impact wrenches, and pneumatic screwdrivers.
1. Please do not use it for purposes other than quick fluid couplings.
2. Please do not use it for fluids other than fluids.
3. Please do not connect with fast fluid connectors from other companies.
4. Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure when using.
5. Do not use outside the operating temperature range to prevent the seal material from being worn or leaking.
6. Do not artificially hit, bend, stretch, or prevent damage.
7. Do not use it in places such as metal powder or sand dust to prevent malfunction or leakage.
8. If you attach debris, it will cause poor work or leakage.
9. Do not disassemble the quick connector.