Pneumatic tool classification


Air cannon (also called pneumatic wrench, air wrench, gas trigger), pneumatic screwdriver (also called pneumatic screwdriver, air batch), pneumatic grinder (also called pneumatic polisher, pneumatic water mill, pneumatic sand mill, pneumatic grinder) , Pneumatic Spray Guns, Pneumatic Nail Guns, Pneumatic Capping Guns, Air Shovels, Air Hammers, Pneumatic Saw, Shock Absorber Pneumatic Tools [1]

Hydraulic pulse

Mainly used for the repair and assembly of heavy-duty trucks, trolleys and construction machinery or equivalent screw disassembly

Power output

It is one of the main components of pneumatic tools. It mainly consists of pneumatic motors and power output gears. It relies on high-pressure compressed air to blow the motor blades to rotate the motor rotor, and the rotary motion is output externally, and the entire operation form is transformed through gears. Part of the sport. According to whether the stator and the rotor are concentric, the air motor can be divided into a concentric motor and an eccentric motor; according to the number of air intake holes, it can be divided into a single air intake hole motor, a double air intake hole motor, and multiple air intake hole motors. No matter what kind of air motor is used, it depends on compressed air to blow the motor blades to drive the rotation of the rotor. When the motor blades rotate at high speed, it always rubs against the inner wall of the stator. It is the most common wearing part in the motor and therefore it The requirements for the quality of compressed air and the presence of lubricant molecules in compressed air are very high;

Form of operation

It mainly transforms the rotational motion of the motor output. In the automotive industry, due to the large number of threaded connections, most of them are rotary motions, and of course linear reciprocating motions. For different types of pneumatic tools, the operating mode conversion part is mainly divided into mechanical clutches and planetary gear sets, friction plate clutches and planetary gear sets, hydraulic cylinders, torsion bars and hammers. The above components are all important components based on rotary motion. It determines the torque parameters, speed, tightening accuracy and other important parameters of the pneumatic tightening tool. Due to its constant clutch, compression or torque transformation, its components Vulnerable to damage;

Intake and exhaust

Obviously, the intake and exhaust section is the relevant channel for the entry and exit of compressed air, which is the energy supply system that guarantees the normal movement of the motor; [1]


That is, the pneumatic switch usually described is prone to damage because it is in direct contact with the operator and external objects at the time and is a multi-engineering plastic product; [1]

Energy supply

The compressed air is mainly formed by compressing the atmosphere by an air compressor, and is transported from the compressed air pipeline to the relevant gas-generating electricity, and is in the form of a pulse;

Air filtration

Because the compressed air is usually transported through pipes made of seamless steel pipes, the rust on the inner wall, the moisture in the compressed air, the dust, etc. will continue to form during long-term use. If such compressed air is directly processed into the air motor without any treatment, the life of the motor will be greatly shortened, resulting in the power output of the entire tool being insufficient and unstable, and being liable to cause damage to the motor and other components. Compressed air sent from the pipeline to the pneumatic tool must be provided with compressed air filtering and regulating devices, and the pneumatic triple-joint is responsible for this task. Pneumatic three-pieces are mainly composed of barometers, filters, oil mist filters, pressure regulators and other parts, in which filters are built-in filter elements, and maintenance cleaning and regular replacement are required after use for a period of time;

Tool accessories

The tool attachment herein refers to a tool that is directly attached to a workpiece and is mounted on a pneumatic tool body, and the pneumatic triple piece takes on this task. Compressed air sent from the pipeline to the pneumatic tools must be provided with compressed air filtering and regulating equipment, including various types of pneumatic sleeves, posts, adapters, cutter heads, etc.; the above-mentioned parts are interdependent, mutually restrictive, and cannot be independently isolated. There is an implementation job.