Quality judgment of all copper quick plug connector and pneumatic quick plug connector


At present, the quality of pneumatic joint products in the market is uneven. It's hard for new customers to distinguish between good and bad products. Based on professional experience, some experiences are summarized as follows:
Judge the quality of pneumatic plastic connector
1. Whether the surface of the product is smooth and smooth. If there is burr or flash, it can be judged that the surface treatment of this type of joint is not exquisite.
2. Whether the core sleeve part is consistent with the pneumatic joint shell riveting. If there is a gap in the riveting part, it indicates that the product has not been processed in strict accordance with the production process.
3. Uneven internal clamping piece (snap ring) and weak elasticity are also poor aspects of quick insert, resulting in uneven force on the clamping tube or difficult operation of inserting and inserting the tube.
4. Whether the screw thread of the product is standard or short, whether the inner hole of the thread is too large, which leads to too thin wall thickness, the thread is easy to break during installation, whether the hexagonal end surface is too thin and whether the fluorine coating on the screw thread is uniform are the standards for judging the quality of the pneumatic quick plug-in joint.
Judgment of all copper quick plug connector:
1. Whether the surface of the product is smooth
2. Whether the release ring (button) is chamfered. If there is no chamfering, the pipe cannot be inserted into the shell, which is unqualified.
3. Whether the product is equipped with sealing ring.
4. Whether the threaded riveting part of elbow joint can rotate freely.
5. Whether the thread of the product is short, whether the inner hole of the thread is too large, resulting in too thin wall thickness, and easy to cause fracture of the thread in the installation, are all the criteria for judging whether the metal quick plug-in joint is qualified.