Rubber hose use guide


Hose use requirements

1. The pressure in the hose must not exceed the maximum recommended working pressure.

2. Do not use outside the specified temperature range (including the temperature of the material being conveyed and the ambient temperature)

3. Can only be used to transport the logistics specified by its design. If it is suspected of its applicability, it should be inquired by the manufacturer.

4. Do not use it under the minimum bending radius recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it will limit the passage of the conveyed material and reduce the service life. Bending or twisting near the hose joint should be avoided, which can cause fatigue damage to the hose reinforcement.

5. Do not work in the twisted state. For example, if the working camber is large, the molded elbow can be customized.

6. The edge of the hose joint should be smooth, the size of the attachment should be appropriate, and the amount of seizure must be controlled.

7. The hose has a priority service life and should be checked and replaced regularly.