Safety precautions for pneumatic tools


Pneumatic tool is a tree, to tamping machine, pneumatic pick, pneumatic shovel, pneumatic grinder and so on are its branches. We all know that there are no two leaves in the world, and they are the same. Although they are all startup tools, they have their own characteristics, uses and structures, and the safety precautions in the use process are also quite different. Today, let's talk about the precautions of the members of the pneumatic tools family:
1. Impact pneumatic tools
Impact pneumatic tools include: pneumatic pickaxe, pneumatic shovel, pneumatic tamping machine, pneumatic riveter, needle cluster pneumatic rust remover and other impact pneumatic tools. It is forbidden to punch their working tools (pickaxe drill, shovel head, rammer head, socket, etc.) under any air pressure. If they are not in contact with the workpiece, they are not allowed to start the machine, so as to prevent the hammer body or working tools from hitting people. After the operation is stopped, the machine itself shall not be carried. The operation tools of the locking device of the operation tools, such as the shovel head and the socket head, shall be removed, and the nails for the pneumatic nailer shall also be removed to ensure safety.
1.1 air pick
At present, there are two kinds of pneumatic valves for pneumatic pickaxes. One is in the machine, when the operator pushes down the handle, the machine can be started. The other is at the handle, there is a start valve with hand pressure. The former is safe to use, and the latter must comply with the provisions of (1).
1.2 air shovel
No one is allowed to cut in the cutting direction during operation, and barriers shall be added for protection if necessary.
1.3 pneumatic tamping machine
Pneumatic tamping machine is prohibited to tamp metal and other hard objects and horizontal operation, so as to avoid bending of piston rod. Attention shall be paid to prevent damage to foot surface during use.
1.4 pneumatic riveter
Special attention shall be paid to the pneumatic riveting machine that can fall out of the machine when using and handling the hammer. During operation, the machine shall be compressed with a certain force to prevent the hammer from flying out and hurting people. When the unpacked machine is moved, the hammer shall be taken out to prevent the hammer from falling and damaging the foot surface. When hot riveting, the head should be cooled with water frequently to avoid scalding accident.
1.5 needle pneumatic rust remover
After opening the air inlet valve of the pipeline, it is forbidden to face the direction of someone to avoid accidents caused by injury.