Six Causes of Abnormal Wear of Tires and Its Prevention


Ms. Liu's car has just been driving for half a year, and the right front tire has been worn seriously, while the other tires have also been worn to varying degrees. For this reason, Miss Liu consulted Mr. Li, Technical Director of Maintenance Service Station.
The main cause of tire wear is the friction caused by the sliding between the tire and the ground. Vehicle starting, turning and braking conditions continue to change, turning speed is too fast, starting too fast, braking too fast, tire wear will be fast. In addition, tire wear is also related to the speed of the car. The faster the speed is, the worse the tire wear is. The quality of the road also directly affects the friction between the tire and the ground. When the road surface is poor, the sliding between the tire and the ground is aggravated and the wear of the tire is accelerated. The tire wear caused by the above conditions is basically uniform and belongs to normal wear. If the tire is not properly used or the front wheel is not positioned properly, abnormal wear and tear will occur. The common abnormal wear and tear are as follows:
1. Early wear of the central part of the tire: The main reason is the excessive inflatability. Properly increasing the inflatability of tires can reduce the rolling resistance of tires and save fuel. However, when the inflatability is too large, it will not only affect the vibration reduction performance of the tire, but also make the tire deformation too large and the contact area with the ground reduced. Normal wear can only be borne by the central part of the tread, forming early wear. If wide tyres are used on narrow rims, early wear of the central part will also occur.

2. Too much wear on both sides of the tire: the main reason is insufficient inflation or long-term overload driving. When the inflatability is small or the load is heavy, the contact surface between the tire and the ground is large, which makes both sides of the tire contact with the ground to participate in the work and form early wear and tear.
3. Too much wear on one side of the tire: the main reason is the misalignment of the front wheel. When the camber angle of the current wheel is too large, the outer side of the tire will form early wear, and when the camber angle is too small or not, the inner side of the tire will form early wear.
4. Sawtooth wear on tire tread: The main reasons are improper adjustment of front wheel alignment, abnormal position of front suspension system, loose ball head, etc., which make normal rolling wheels slide or wheel alignment constantly change during driving, resulting in sawtooth wear of tires.
5. The wear of individual tyres is large: the abnormal suspension system of individual wheels, the bending of supporting parts or the unbalance of individual wheels will cause the early wear of individual tyres. When this happens, the positioning of worn wheels, the working conditions of independent suspension springs and shock absorbers should be checked, and the replacement period of wheels should be shortened.
6. Alopecial wear of tyres: The reason for severe wear of tyres is poor balance of tyres. When the unbalanced wheels rotate at high speed, the force on individual parts is large, the wear is accelerated, and the steering wrinkles, the handling performance becomes worse. If a slight jitter is found in a particular speed direction during driving, the wheels should be balanced to prevent alopecia wear.
Master Li Jiandong said: Especially in summer, the probability of tire burst is relatively high, reminding drivers and friends to check tires regularly in order to avoid unnecessary losses.