Steel wire braided hose (two-layer steel wire)


Steel wire braided hose (two-layer steel wire)

Structure: The hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a two-layer steel wire braided interlayer and an outer rubber layer.

Application: Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricants, emulsions, etc.

Working temperature: -66 ° C - +135 ° C


Long life; no animal original ingredients; smooth inner wall provides easy flow while easy to clean; low hygroscopicity, low gas permeability; hose is translucent color to visually monitor solution flow; made of FDA-approved materials; Meet USP, ISO and EP standards; can be autoclaved and autoclaved; able to withstand.


The peristaltic pump tube for biological ingredient beverages is specially designed for the production of critical fluids and peristaltic pumps. The hose is translucent and flexible for fluid processing equipment.