The nail gun, also known as the nail gun


The nail gun, also known as the nail gun, is often called a nail gun because its shape and principle are similar to those of a pistol. It is a fastening tool that uses air-bags, gas or compressed air as a power to drive nails into the building.
The nail gun is used in the nail fastening technology. It is an advanced modern fastening technology. Compared with the traditional methods of pre-buried, hole-casting, bolting, welding, etc., it has many advantages: its own energy, So as to get rid of the cumbersome wires and air ducts, it is convenient for on-site and high-altitude operations; the operation is fast and the construction period is short, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers; the function is reliable and safe, and even solve some construction problems that were difficult to solve in the past; save money and reduce Construction costs.

The nail shooter is a modern nail fastening technology product that can launch nails and is a direct consolidation technology. It is an essential hand tool for woodworking, construction and so on. The nail shooter hits the launching nail and directly penetrates into the base of steel, concrete and brickwork or rock. It does not need external energy sources such as power supply, air duct, etc., because the projectile itself contains drugs that can generate explosive thrust. The nails are directly ejected, thereby firmly connecting the components to be fixed, such as doors and windows, insulation boards, sound insulation layers, decorations, pipes, steel pieces, wood products, and the like, to the base body.