the precautions during assembly


Second, the precautions during assembly:
1. Please select the hose connector that is suitable for the hose size.
2. When inserting the tail part of the joint into the hose, apply oil to the hose and the tail of the tube. Do not bake with fire. If it cannot be inserted, use hot water to heat the hose and insert the connector.
3. Insert the serrated tail portion of the connector completely into the hose.
4. Do not use the push-fit connector once, which may cause the hose to rupture.
5. Please avoid excessive ligation of the wire. Please choose a special sleeve or cable tie.
6. Please avoid using scarred or rusty joints.
Third, the precautions during the inspection:
1. Check before use: Before using the hose, please confirm the appearance of the hose, such as abnormal trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.
2. Regular inspection: During the use of the hose, please be sure to carry out regular inspections once a month.
Fourth, security matters:
1. Operators should wear safety protective clothing, including gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection. These equipment are mainly used to protect the safety of operators.
2. Ensure that the work area is safe and orderly.
3. Check that the joints on each pipe are secure.
4. Do not place the tube under pressure when not in use. The closing pressure extends the service life of hoses (silicone hoses, Teflon hoses, rubber hoses, food grade hoses, sanitary hoses, thermoplastic rubber hoses, sanitary plastic hoses).