The reel is also called the winder, the reel, the reel, and the drum.


The reel is also called the winder, the reel, the reel, and the drum. As the name suggests, the tube or wire is wound on a shaft, which is simple and practical, and is widely used in various production assembly workshops, maintenance workshops, automobile beauty shops, automobile 4S shops and other workplaces.

Equipment classification
The pipe wires selected according to the application are named as water drums, air drums, electric drums, high pressure drums, and the like.
According to the number of channels, it is divided into multi-channel DH series and TH series.

Main effect
The use of the winder has contributed greatly to the safety of the car and the labor saving of the maintenance industry. In many car repair equipment. Various winders can respectively transmit electricity, compressed air, cold water, warm water, oil and oxyacetylene. The basic structure consists of hoses or wires, rewind springs, rotating shafts, positioning devices and other safety mechanisms.
Transmission hoses and wires are commonly used in many places such as production assembly workshops and maintenance work, but the finishing work after use is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Use the winder to freely expand and contract within the specified range. In addition, considering the limitations of the ground layout and staffing, the use of the winder can make full use of the space and improve the environment of the workplace. After the hose or wire is used, the retractor is retracted and generally not damaged, thus extending the service life of the hose or the wire.