Three Triple Repair Seven Nutrients for Automobile Tires


Three Triple Repair (Tire Pressure Meter) Seven Nutrients for Automobile Tires

Ten Factors Affecting the Service Life of Automobile Tyres with Three Repairs and Seven Nutrients 1. Selection and Installation of Tyres
Whether the tire is installed correctly or not is directly related to the service life of the tire, especially when replacing the new tire. Tyres of different types and patterns must not be mixed arbitrarily because of their different actual sizes and load capacity. In addition, if you do not fully master the skills of tire replacement, we recommend that you go to a professional tire shop or vehicle maintenance agency for replacement.
2. Working Pressure
Too low or too high tire pressure will affect the service life of tires. If the tire pressure is too low, its radial deformation will increase, the deformation on both sides of the tire wall will be excessive, which will cause wear on both shoulders of the tire crown, and increase the temperature of the tire, which will seriously reduce the service life of the tire.
If the tire pressure is too high, the rigidity of the tire will increase, the deformation and the contact area will decrease, which will increase the unit pressure in the middle of the tread and aggravate the wear. The wear of the Crown Center will affect the comfort and reduce the tire life. Experiments show that if the air pressure is increased by 25%, the tire life will be shortened by about 30%.
3. Tire load
There is no doubt that the longer the vehicle loads, the shorter the tire life. Especially in the case of overload, more prominent. Tires manufactured by regular tire manufacturers are marked with load index. Tires shall be used within the maximum load corresponding to the specified load index.
4. Speed
The tires produced by regular tire manufacturers are marked with speed grade index. Tires should be used within the maximum driving speed corresponding to the specified speed level index.
5. Tire temperature
In the course of vehicle running, tyre temperature rises due to stretching, compression and friction. Excessive temperature can easily aggravate tire wear and even cause tire burst.
6. Chassis condition
Parallelism of front axle and rear axle, four-wheel positioning, working condition of brake device and technical condition of other chassis parts will affect the service life of vehicle tyres to varying degrees. In the event of a serious traffic crash, the owner must drive the vehicle to a professional maintenance station to check and adjust the chassis condition.
7. Road conditions
If the vehicle runs on gravel road or bad road conditions for a long time, the service life of tyres will certainly be reduced. This is no exception for off-road tires.
8. Driving habits
This is directly related to the owner of the car. Excessive starting, sudden turning, emergency braking, high-speed driving in poor road conditions, frequent up-and-down Road teeth and scratching obstacles during parking will lead to severe wear and tear of tires, thus reducing the service life of tires.
9. Tire maintenance
Timely transposition of tire, proper tread pattern selection, routine maintenance, regular check of tire pressure, timely repair and diligent digging of stones and foreign bodies in tread pattern are all important factors for prolonging tire life.
10. Vehicle maintenance
Many automobile maintenance experts say that vehicles should be repaired "three times, seven minutes", and don't wait for a breakdown to go to the maintenance station to repair. The regular maintenance of vehicles is closely related to the prolongation of tire life. Regular inspection and maintenance of four-wheel alignment, steering knuckle, wheel bearing and suspension system are indispensable.