Tips for Maintenance and Maintenance of Hardware Pneumatic Tool Dust Blower Gun


Dust blowing gun is mainly used for dust removal in factories, installation and maintenance. It is suitable for cleaning work in narrow, high places and trachea which can not be touched by hands. The air blowing dust gun is based on the principle of air amplification, effectively reducing the consumption of compressed air, resulting in strong airflow and driving the surrounding air to work together.

It is mainly used in some places where the hands can not touch. The following points should be paid attention to in order to prolong the service life.
1. It must be installed and used in accordance with the instructions before operation.
2. Dust blowing gun should be connected with compressor.
3. Keep the dust gun clean and free of oil and ash.
4. Clean the dust-blowing gun regularly to prevent a large number of other objects from accumulating on the parts of the dust-blowing gun. When cleaning, the power supply should be cut off.
5. Can not be used in the environment containing flammable gases and large amounts of dust.
6. Non-professional personnel should not repair without authorization.
For a long time, electric tools have been a landmark product in the hardware industry. By virtue of excellent controllability and operability, compared with manual tools, it greatly reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and realizes manual operation mechanization, which is cheaper and easier to control than pneumatic tools. But with the development of society, the progress of the times and the innovation of science and technology, pneumatic tools are gradually becoming a future star in the hardware industry.