Tire pressure gauge


Tire pressure gauge is a pneumatic tire pressure gauge consisting of a meter head, a piston, a body, a scale, a main spring, etc., and there is only one air pressure measuring port on the meter head.


The length of the main spring is 60-90mm, the medium diameter is Φ7-12mm, the pitch is 2.7-3.0mm, the wire diameter is Φ0.6-1.5mm, and the angle between the center line of the air pressure measuring port and the axis of the body is 90. °-180°, the scale is a square, and the scale value is 0.07Wpa-0.4Wpa. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small measuring range, high precision and convenient use, and is suitable for tire pressure measurement of small vehicles such as mini vehicles and motorcycles.


Press the tire air pressure gauge measuring end notch to the tire valve. At this time, the tire pressure gauge pointer is deflected, and the indicated value is the inflation pressure of the tire, or the pole of the tire pressure gauge is pushed out under the action of the air pressure, and the value displayed on the standard rod is the inflation pressure of the tire.