Too Small Pneumatic Tools Easily Cause Tool Damage


To select appropriate pneumatic tools to work, too large pneumatic tools can easily cause work damage, too small pneumatic tools can easily cause tool damage. If the pneumatic tool is slightly malfunctioning or can not achieve the original function after use, it can not continue to use, it should be checked immediately. Check and maintain tools regularly (about once a week). Add Grease to rotating parts such as bearings and oil to pneumatic motor parts.
In order to strengthen the management of pneumatic tools in our mine, improve the level of production technology and equipment and economic benefits, ensure the normal operation of safe production, and prevent the occurrence of mechanical and electrical accidents, special regulations for the management of pneumatic tools are formulated. The pneumatic tools are managed by the Ministry of Machinery and Electricity, including the comprehensive management of the whole process of type selection, maintenance, technical transformation, usage, assessment, supervision, use and scrapping. It is not only responsible for the safety supervision and management of hand-held electric and pneumatic tools, but also responsible for regular inspection and maintenance of hand-held electric and pneumatic tools in use. At the same time, it also needs to investigate and analyze alkaline accidents caused by pneumatic tools, such as human injury accidents or attempted negligence incidents, and take timely preventive measures; finally, it is the user. It is mainly responsible for the proper custody and use of hand-held power tools and pneumatic tools, and do not forget to always prevent personal injury accidents.