Usage of pneumatic spray gun


Usage of spray gun:
1. Before using the preparation work, connect the air inlet interface of the gun body to the compressed air source (the compressed air must be filtered by the oil-water separator before entering the gun), connect the air pipe, and adjust the pressure of 0.45-0.5mpa.

2. Loading the coating with the corresponding diluent (no diluent is needed for the directly purchased blending paint) and adjust the viscosity to "coat No. 4 Ford cup (time for the cup to leak paint). The paint with impurities needs to be filtered before introducing the paint into the paint tank.

3. Fog amplitude adjustment turn the fog amplitude adjusting screw clockwise until it is tightened to obtain the circular section fog amplitude. If you turn it anticlockwise, you can obtain the ellipse (sector) section width fog amplitude you require, and adjust the length according to the actual needs.
4. Spray gun spray volume adjustment: turn the spray volume adjusting screw clockwise to reduce the opening stroke of the needle plug, and then reduce the paint output. Turn it anticlockwise to gradually increase the spray volume.
5. Air volume adjustment: turn the air volume adjusting screw clockwise, the air volume decreases gradually, and turn it anticlockwise, the air volume increases gradually.
6. When you use it, move the trigger slightly to open the air valve, but the needle plug is not opened, and compressed air is ejected from the air flow nozzle. At this time, you can blow off the dust on the coating surface, and then move the trigger further, and the spray nozzle will spray paint mist.
7. After cleaning and curing, the residual materials in the paint tank shall be poured out and cleaned, and all parts shall be cleaned with appropriate diluent and volume agent, and diluent shall be added into the paint tank for spraying to clean the paint path until the paint path in the spray gun is cleaned, otherwise the residual paint left in the paint path in the gun will dry up and block, and the spray gun will be damaged. After cleaning, the paint gun can be wiped dry with a clean soft cloth.
8. precautions should not be used for sharp metal nozzle and nozzle holes, otherwise any damage will cause abnormal spray.
9. The spray gun shall not be immersed in diluent for a long time during cleaning.

10. The main parts of the spray gun are made of aluminum alloy and brass. It is not suitable to contact the medium with strong acidity and alkalinity to prevent corrosion damage.