Use of pneumatic tools


In the daily life of pneumatic tools, we often see that the pneumatic tools are mainly used in industrial manufacturing, such as drilling, tapping, sawing, rust removal, polishing, polishing, tube expansion and fastening of screws, bolts and nuts. And the real pneumatic tools have many application fields. Let's introduce them to you from the manufacturer of pneumatic tools. They are everywhere in our life In addition to the industrial field, it can also be used for farmland reconstruction, water conservancy construction, rock drilling and concrete tamping in tunnel construction; road slag cleaning in railway construction; in agriculture and animal husbandry, it can also help spray pesticides, cut wood, make materials, and make branches. It can also saw, planed, tenoned, sanded and so on; in medical treatment, it can saw bones, drill bones and remove gypsum; in Arts and crafts, it can carve and cut carpets In addition to these uses, there are other uses of pneumatic tools, such as cutting steel plates, punching holes, corner drills to drill work pieces in narrow places, magnetic sit drills can be adsorbed on the processed steel pieces for operation, self climbing pipe saw can automatically cut off large diameter steel pipes, constant torque electric wrench can control bolts to achieve constant tension, riveter can single-sided riveting work pieces, etc.