What are the differences between pneumatic tools and electric tools?


What are the differences between pneumatic tools and electric tools? Electric tools and pneumatic tools are two very common and used tools in hardware tools. But today, Guangdong Xiquan mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. arranges and analyzes for you as follows: according to the ratio of weight and volume, the output power is large, and under the same output power, it is smaller and lighter than electric tools. There is no overload fault, even if the pneumatic tools are overloaded. The tool just stops rotating. Once the overload is removed, it will automatically resume normal operation without any impact on the tool, and no failure will occur. If the electric tool is overloaded, it will generate heat, or even burn the motor, so the maintenance cost is high, which will affect the work progress and efficiency. It will also threaten the safety of operators. It is easy to use and maintain, and can be used after connecting the air source.

Add two drops of sewing oil to the air inlet of the tool every day when using, and the air compressor will drain more water. It has strong water resistance. Although immersion is harmful to tools, it will not have fatal harm like electric tools. Due to its unique explosion-proof structure, it will not produce electric sparks, so it can be used in places with explosion risk, such as coal mine operation. Speed regulation and output power regulation are simple.

The operation and adjustment of the air supply valve handle can be simple, and the air supply source can also be adjusted and controlled. Save energy and reduce cost. Equipped with standard air source in the industrial workshop, multiple tools can be used and operated at the same time. Long life and high safety. Because it is a device that uses the compressed air energy provided by air compressor as the power source to work, it will not appear the phenomenon of electric tools leaking and hitting people, nor will it generate electric sparks. It can be owned in any place, and will not pose a threat to the environment. Pneumatic is one of the most effective means of automation and mechanization, and it has high efficiency and high speed. It is widely used in all walks of life. 1. Working capacity: both of them provide a variety of different working methods, but the speed adjustment and output power adjustment of pneumatic tools are simple, and they are smaller and lighter under the same output power. This external pneumatic tool can provide more levels of choice in the speed range. There is no heating and overload fault. When overload occurs, the starting tool only stops rotating. Once the overload is removed, it will return to normal operation.